Okay, so listen. Wedding planning is a struggle.

I won't even pretend to be the girl that had everything together, who dreamed for years and years, and was able to book everything easy peasy. I craved an experience that was unique to my relationship, and I was okay with not doing things the traditional way, the way my family/friends wanted, or the way that social media told me I had to do it. I want you to be okay with that too, and know that I've got your back. 
Reach out. Let's talk. Let's make a plan...
...and even better if you can throw some "The Office" references, or talk about how scummy Arie is for breaking up with Becca on national TV (or how JoJo might be the best bachelorette of all time...don't debate me on this!). Or we can grab a coffee (okay, margaritas), and really get down to business on how we're going to make this the best. dang. day. ever.

Creator. Dress Fluffer.

Sacia listenbee

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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses


White Choc Mocha

My Starbucks order so you know how to get on my good side!

The Beach

My happy place is definitely wherever the sun, palm trees and sand is!


This place seriously makes the best clothes ever, so if you ever need a shopping partner....hi.


The year I went full-time with the business! Extra fun fact, I was a 9th grade English teacher before this!

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