The Boudoir Experience

 Whether you're a bride, girlfriend, or a single lady, these sessions are totally designed with you and your sexy in mind. I will walk with you every step so you feel sexy and comfortable, the entire time, and walk away with images that make you say, "DAMN!"

This is for you, girlfriend.

About the session

 Each session includes at least 60 minutes of shooting time, wardrobe consultation, complimentary beverage, and edited digital gallery with print release!

Additional add-ons and embellishments available :)

Okay, so wedding planning is no walk in the park.  No matter how magical and cute Pinterest tries to make it, it's tough, and dealing with people you don't even like makes it even rougher. Insert me. I'm your average 20-something, Starbs and Bachelor lover, Meredith Grey obsessed, future wife in training. I love beautiful things, but my couples are fun, easy-going, and want a day not full of things, but full of love.  I'll fluff your dress, laugh with you over your bridesmaids drama, and be there every step of the way, because your day matters to me. Oh, and I'll just happen to have a camera in my hand :). 




Give me some gorgeous flowers, and I'm ready to take on the world!

Pretty florals

I love all things water! I guess it's the Pisces in me.  I'm always down for a little beach time.

The Beach

As a former English teacher, books play a big role in my being.  What's better than getting lost at Hogwarts?!

Good books

Listen, if you've got a cute pair of shoes on, you're ready to take over the world! 

Gorgeous Shoes

Because what good story ever started off with "So I was eating a salad..."


These images are a true investment! Again, it doesn't matter what stage of life you're in, every day you're alive is a reason to celebrate your beauty.  Please contact me to receive a full boudoir guide, which includes more information about how your session will work, wardrobe consultation, pricing, and more! 

Packages begin at $375, average client investment $475.



Engagement Session 
Full Day Wedding Coverage 
2 Photographers 
Print Release 
Lifelong BFF

Local weddings

Full Day Wedding Coverage 
2 Photographers 
Print Release 
Day Before or After Session 
Lifelong BFF

Travel weddings

Up to 4 Hours of Coverage 
1 Photographer
Print Release
Lifelong BFF


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