"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

Living in the Lowcountry, you learn a few things that keep you grounded, and I figure these things will help you understand who I am as well...

1. Life's too short to not stop, breathe, and drink the glass of sweet tea 
2. Aerie is hands down the worst bachelor ever (worse than Juan Pablo, btw) and JoJo is the best bachelorette...don't debate me on this.
3. Sunsets are definitely better with kisses (and a margarita or two!) 
4. You can tell the measure of a person's character by how they treat those around them, and how they make them feel. 
5. If Dan + Shay doesn't make you want to fall in love, and Cardi B doesn't make you want to dance, is it possible for us to be friends? 

I'm based in Myrtle Beach, SC, but travel everywhere! Let's tell your story together.